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Rebar Creative is a communications, marketing and public relations agency that brings together the complimentary talents and services of a number of highly regarded professionals and companies.

As a subsidiary of Eclectic Bull Enterprises Inc., a management consulting company that specializes in organizational and operational effectiveness, we operate on a unique business model that allows us to offer exceptional value to a select group of clients.

Our name represents our belief that every successful business needs a strong foundation. Just like steel rebar is used in construction, Rebar Creative provides services that help build and reinforce solid relationships between customers and companies providing a solid foundation for growth.

We are an organization of substance, not hype; a team of people with integrity and pride, not egos. We believe in continuous learning and in sharing our skills, knowledge and experience. We work together with our client representatives as a team and will go to extraordinary lengths to see the team succeed.

We prefer to be accountable to you, our clients - not to shareholders of a mega-machine. We prefer to live in the valley and don’t really care about having fancy offices. The truth is, our really great ideas come to us when we’re wearing our bunny slippers.

The Rebar Creative Team

Joanne Severn, Managing Consultant

Founder of Eclectic Bull Enterprises Inc. and Rebar Creative, Joanne is a management and marketing consultant described by her clients as “visionary,” Joanne Severn“brilliant” and “dynamic.”

Since launching Rebar Creative in 2003, Joanne has worked with more than 60 government, business, and non-profit organizations to devise and implement methods to convey strategic key messages to stakeholders and consumers.

By creating strategies, marketing plans, and campaigns that appeal to and engage target markets, Joanne has successfully guided brand launches, business transitions, public awareness campaigns, and business development efforts.

Joanne’s work has earned five awards for copywriting, public relations, and marketing effectiveness.

Organizational Structure

Joanne’s goal was to establish a team that had exceptional talent, extensive experience, that shared her high standards for excellence, and who individually, had an intrinsic desire to succeed.

She also wanted to give her clients the best possible value for dollar, and that meant keeping overhead costs at a minimum.

To accomplish these objectives, Joanne established a matrix managed collaborative of extraordinary professionals, all business owners themselves. As each client’s needs are defined, a customized team of experts is assembled to devise the strategies, plan the tactics, manage and perform the activities necessary to achieve profound success.


Donna Dixson, Flair Innovations
Expertise: Collaborative Marketing, Community Branding

Mike Johnson, International Internet Advertising Services Inc.
Expertise: Internet Advertising, SEO, Custom Web Development

Brad Haima, Circle Graphics & Design Inc.
Expertise: Print Design, Content Managed Websites

Craig Carmichael, Craig Carmichael Photography
Expertise: Commercial Photography, Portraiture, Digital Art

Katrina & Rachel Bernard, Flairity Events
Expertise: Event Planning & Management

Kathleen Rake, Click Media Works
Expertise: Social Media

Rick Rake, Click Media Works
Expertise: Media Relations, Editorial

Bruce Havery, Soundman Productions
Expertise: Event Sound Systems, Sound & Lighting for Filming, Sound Recording

Paul Barrell, New Wave Print & Publishing Inc.
Expertise: Printing and Publishing

Qiujing Wong, Borderless Productions
Expertise: Films that create change.

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