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Developing a successful brand is much more than just creating a logo. To appeal to your target market, a brand needs to convey a personality. Our brand development process includes:

  • research about your products, services, and company values to ensure that your branding is authentic;
  • research about your target markets and market segments to ensure that your branding is attractive to these audiences;
  • research on your top competitors to ensure that your branding is unique;
  • development of a brand character that your audience can relate to;
  • development of a brand persona to portray your image consistently in all forms of communication with the public; and,
  • preparation of a creative brief to guide the development of your visual identity and establish standards for marketing, advertising, and public relations.

Rebar Creative provides initial branding for new organizations as well as brand enhancement and re-branding for established companies and non-profits.

Rebar Creative also provides Community Branding and Marketing services.

Please call 604-854-0355 to learn more.

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